Hydraulic system of hydraulic drive system and hydraulic control system

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Hydraulic system of hydraulic drive system and hydraulic control system

  Hydraulic control system is in order to achieve the requirements of a machine or device work, will be a number of hydraulic components link or meet and become known as hydraulic system as a whole. There are many different kinds of hydraulic system, but according to different work characteristics, hydraulic drive system with hydraulic control system can be divided into two major categories, according to Australia under Joe and experience summary:

Hydraulic system:

  Hydraulic transmission system in general as the open-loop system without feedback, this kind of system to transfer power is given priority to, to information transmission is complementary, pursuing the improvement of the transmission characteristics, the system of the characteristics of the work has characteristics is composed of a hydraulic components and their interaction to clearly identified, the quality of work is strongly influenced by working conditions change.

Hydraulic control system, hydraulic control system generally adopts servo valve electro-hydraulic control valve of the closed loop system with feedback, give priority to in order to pass information, in order to transfer power is complementary, pursuing the improvement of the control characteristic. Due to join the test feedback, so this system can use the general shortage of components of control system, its control quality is affected by working conditions change smaller. Hydraulic servo control during the second world war and so on, because the military such as weapons and flying chess pack to force of high precision, high response of the needs of the automatic control system, combining it with modern microelectronics and computer technology in the development of electro-hydraulic proportional control and electro-hydraulic digital control technology constitute the complete system of modern hydraulic control technology. Compared with the electric control system and other control system, hydraulic control system has to large capacity, fast response speed, system stiffness and control precision higher advantages, so in all kinds of machine tools, heavy machinery, lifting machinery, building materials, construction machinery, automobile, large test equipment, aerospace, ships and weapons obtained wide application field.

Hydraulic pump as dynamic components in the hydraulic system, also known as energy components, the principle is the prime mover to mechanical energy is transformed into the liquid pressure, output has certain pressure flow, this is a brief introduction the classification of the hydraulic control system.

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